Is a low carb diet the key to losing weight?

A selection of low carb foods

Low carb diets are a topic that come up often when looking at losing weight and how they can support your goals.

Low carb diets can vary greatly in their carbohydrate content.

What is a low carb diet?

The low carb diet is a way of eating that restricts the consumption of carbs. This doesn’t imply that carbs are cut altogether from the diet. It only means that some carbs are slashed or at least consumed in moderation. That said, low carb diets can vary greatly in their carbohydrate content.

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Here is an example of what a low carb diet could look like:

  • Breakfast – 2 Scrambled eggs with 1 slice wholegrain bread + 1 Banana
  • Snack – 1 small skinny cappuccino
  • Lunch – Chicken salad with 100g sweet potato
  • Snack – 100g low fat yoghurt + 1 apple
  • Dinner – Salmon fillet with vegetables and 125g cooked wholegrain rice

Which foods are low in carbohydrates?

If you are watching your waistline, then these low carb foods will help you keep the fat off: proteins (meat, chicken, eggs, fish, and other seafood), vegetables, some fruits (berries), and healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olives, and nut butters).

Does the low carb diet work?

Most people see great results when adopting a low carb diet for a variety of reasons:

  • Cutting carbs helps reduce your total daily calorie intake helping you create a calorie deficit and enabling weight loss.
  • Reducing carbs often results in bulking up meals with salads or vegetables which are high in fibre and lower in calories. The high fibre content leaves you feeling fuller for longer helping control your appetite and reduce total calorie intake.
  • Many high carb foods are also high in calories and fat (e.g. cakes, pastries, and crisps) or are often paired with high fat foods such as, pasta dishes with creamy sauces, sandwiches with butter and spreads or chips fried in oils. By removing these food items from your diet, you are also removing the unhealthy items they are paired with.
  • People that adopt a low carb diet are actively doing something about their weight and are more likely to be paying attention to other areas of their lifestyle such as increasing physical activity and reducing their alcohol intake which will also have a positive impact on their weight loss.

Is low carb diet healthy/dangerous?

Healthy low carb foods on a tableNot all carbs are bad; good carbs (e.g. fruits, vegetables, and wholegrains) are an important source of a variety of vitamins and minerals and are the main source of energy for your body. Carbs are an important part of a regular diet and cutting them out completely is not recommended. What is important is that you choose the right type of carbohydrates and consume them in moderation.

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